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Dual View Luggage Scanner 100XDX Scanners & Detectors

Astrophysics XIS-100XDX is the newest Dual View X-Ray Inspection System featuring a tunnel size of 100.0 cm x 100.0 cm (39.4” x 39.4”). The XIS-100XDX dual view x ray combines dual view technology with a low conveyor height of just 30 cm (12”) for optimal heavy object screening.

Dual View technology utilizes two generators, creating two image perspectives. Coupled with 6 Color Imaging, dual view technology enables operators to increase image manipulation and object recognition.

The XIS-100XDX’s low conveyor design and dual view detection enable operators to quickly scan heavy objects without any loss in threat detection accuracy.


Tunnel Size (W x H) :

100.0 cm x 100.0 cm/ 39.4” x 39.4”

Dimensions (L x W x H) :

312.0 cm x 183.2 cm x 188.6 cm/ 123.0” x 72.1” x 74.2”

X-ray Generator :

Dual 180kV Generators, Operating at 165kV