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Eccentric Type Plug Valves for Wastewater Wastewater Speciality Valves

Plug Valve is a Quarter-turn rotary motion valve that uses a tapered or cylindrical plug to stop or start the flow. The disk is in plug shape, which has a passage to pass the flow. The disk is in plug shape, which has a passage to pass the flow. In an open position, this bored passage is in line with the flow. When the plug is turned 90 degrees from the open position, the solid part of the plug blocks the flow. Plug valve is used in place of a gate valve where the quick operation is required. It can be used in high-pressure temperature services.

The design of the eccentric plug valve uses a half plug that is advantageous for applications needing a higher seating force with minimal friction from open to the closed position. The torque seated valves are also featured with improves shut off capabilities. Eccentric plug valves are used for a wide range of flow control and isolation applications including clean and dirty water, sewage, sludge and slurries, air, and other services.

Features –
  • Non-Clog Design: The unrestricted flow area combined with smooth streamline contouring allows the passage of large solids to prevent potential clogging and provide low headloss.
  • Eccentric Plug Valves Action: Provides positive shut off with wear-resistant action and low torque.
  • Full Top Access Cover: Provides accessibility for inspection without removal of the valve from the line.
  • Friction Collar with Memory Stop: Secures valve plug in any position and includes nylon bearing for ease of operation.
  • V-Type Packing: Field adjustable and replaceable without removal of a worm gear or motor actuators.
  • Removable POP Shims: Packing Overload Protection Shims protect packing by preventing overload during field adjustment.
  • Radial Bearings: Heavy Duty, T316 Stainless Steel, Permanently Lubricated.
  • Thrust Bearing: Upper: PTFE – Provides ease of actuation during operating conditions.
  • Thrust Bearing: Lower: Stainless Steel – Prevents wear to plug and Grit-Guard.
  • Grit-Guard Shaft: The Val-Matic Exclusive Grit-Guard shaft seal extends packing and bearing life by minimizing contact with abrasive line media.
  • Seat: Welded overlay of 95% pure nickel applied directly to the body using a state-of-the-art robotic welding system for a consistent, high-quality weld.
  • Plug: Fully rubber encapsulated molded plug eliminates exposed surfaces preventing corrosion and delamination