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Fertigation Unit For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

Fertigation is mainly about enriching the crops with the correct quantity of nutrients, combinations at the perfect timings. Precision fertigation in turns and as suggested by the word, mainly indicated the perfect combination of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of the crop based on the development cycles of the crop and thus guaranteeing a comparatively greater quantity and yield quality. Precise fertigation injection system works as an alternative for controlling the investments in your fertilizer by tweaking the dosages of the fertilizer on demand in compliance with the requirements. These controlled dosages of fertilizer will prevent issues like groundwater contamination and leaching. Any nutrient in a soluble form can be found for plant intake right after application which allows the farmer to have greater control over the nutrient availability for the crop. These factors can lead to a much more efficient use of fertilizers. The nutrients can be applied on a weekly, daily, or less frequent basis. When the nutrients are applied shortly before they are required, growers are able to reduce the loss of nutrients from the root zone. This is mainly important in areas with high rainfall and for dissolved nutrients that leach readily like nitrogen. Compared to the methods for applying nutrients during the season that needs tractors or foot traffic, fertigation reduces the potential for compaction and is less dependent on weather conditions. When fertigation is used it must be included in the overall nutrient management plan for the crop or field. The total nutrients offered through fertigation plus other fertilizer applications should not exceed 100% of the total planned nutrient application rate. Various units are used for describing the number of nutrients applied to or required by a crop for a growing season.

Being one of the leading suppliers of agricultural, irrigation, and landscaping solutions, Dutco Tennant LLC can supply the best and most qualified and precise fertigation units, depending on the crop type and soil. We bank on our eminent expertise and experience in the market for ensuring that precision fertigation can get you the desired results and helps farmers to plan and project the crop yield and the quality.

Features & Specifications

  • Equipped with EC & pH Electrodes Monitors Equipped with highly reliable EC & pH electrodes monitors
  • Electrically Operated Venturi for Dynamic Control of Nutrition’s and Acid A set of Venturi type fertilizer injectors with a flow rate from 160 lph to 1200 lph each, consisting of a flexible suction pipe per injector
  • Specially Designed Controller Equipped with advanced irrigation and fertigation controller
  • Additional Pressure Relief Valve Additional Pressure Relief Valve used to maintain precise suction rate of the fertilizer
  • Air Release Facility To remove air continuously from system special double action Air Release Valve provided
  • Adjustable Flow Meters To adjust injection rate special flow meters (Rota Meters) provided to each Venturies