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Fertigation Pump For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

Fertigation can reduce the time and energy spent on applying chemicals and fertilizer and also decreases the water runoff with very less impact on the environment. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies dosing pumps and solutions which can match irrigation systems and components and ensure increased efficiency and uniformity of the application of the chemicals and fertilizers. Of the several types of pumps that can be used for chemigation and fertigation applications, motor-driven dosing pumps and also the modern age digital dosing pumps offer extreme amounts of precision. The Grundfos SMART Digital diaphragm dosing pumps offer simplicity, modularity, and flow intelligence and contribute to keeping the life cycle costs low, allowing the chemicals and fertilizers for entering irrigation water pipelines uniformly and well mixed. Digital dosing solutions are proving their ability for balancing the requirements of high yields for the farmer with sustainable farming methods. The primary goal of fertigation is the add the required nutrition in specific quantities for optimal growth of crops. The technology of the Precision Fertigation Pumps offers a superior solution in injection technology for dosing of pesticides, fertilizers, along with other water-soluble products into the irrigation line. They guarantee a precise fertilizer injection directly into the irrigation line under several flow rates, feed ratios, and various ranges of pressure. They also ensure precise injection of fertilizer according to the defined feed rate even at several levels of working pressure. Mixes a precise quantity of fertilizer with water via the irrigation cycle. Dosing rates are adjustable easily. Requires no electricity. Resistant to chemical and UV. Offers simple and user-friendly operation.


  • Substantial Reduction in the fertilizer cost because of less consumption of fertilizer, by widely increasing the fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Increased yields due to an increase in fertilizer use efficiency.
  • No chances of manual errors.
  • Convenient application.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy maintenance.