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Grit Classifies for Wastewater Dutcotennant

Grit classifiers are installed for dewatering sand after a grit treatment process in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants or industrial washing processes. It is designed to effectively separate and settle the grit from the water. Sismat Uluslararası provides versatile, long-lasting and easy-to-install grit classifiers operating in high solid-liquid separation efficiency coupled with low operation cost. Water to be cleaned flows through the inlet spout of the grit classifier into the decantation hopper where sedimentation of the solid particles takes place. The low screw rotation speed improves sedimentation and sees to conveying and discharging of de-watered grit and sand trough the upper outlet. Cleaned water exits trough the lateral hopper discharge spout. Sismat Uluslararası Grit Classifiers consist of an inclined screw conveyor with a large volume hopper including an inlet flange and a water outlet flange, a shaftless screw housed in a trough, low-friction anti wears, a trough cover, an outlet spout for solid particles and a drive unit mounted at the outlet end.

• High separation performance
• Dry solid material discharge
• Smooth decomposition of the small or large particles
• Without bearings, and without water leakage design
• Low installation and maintenance costs
• Shaftless heavy-duty screw ensuring durability
• No submerged bearings or seals required
• Long life and lower maintenance costs

Other Details

  • Requires minimal maintenance due to an automatically lubricated bottom bearing
  • Provides clean grit for further processing
  • Dewatering of grit from grit collection systems
  • Separation of grit from water