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Dutco Tennant LLC is a long-established player in the field of supplying valves and equipment for wastewater management. Since our founding years, we have participated in numerous projects to supply wastewater products which are designed using innovative and cutting edge technology. We supply high-quality sewage treatment products that help in the production, distribution, and conservation of clean, drinkable water. We also specialize in supplying equipment for wastewater collection, storage, treatment and disposal to the environment. Our wastewater treatment products meet all kinds of regulatory requirements and government standards so that they can pass the most stringent tests and prove to be fully effective in meeting all project necessities.

Grit Classifiers are widely used at wastewater plants at the front end to help separate the grit from organics and water. Grit removal requires to be done at the headworks of plants to reduce wear to upstream pumps and mechanical equipment. Grit can also cause pipe blockage and reduce the effective volume of the treatment basins.

The Grit classifiers are installed for dewatering sand after a grit treatment process in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants or industrial washing processes. It has been effectively designed for separating and settles the grit from the water. Dutco Tennant LLC offers versatile, long-lasting and easy-to-install grit classifiers operating in high solid-liquid separation efficiency coupled with low operation cost. Water to be cleaned flows through the inlet spout of the grit classifier into the decantation hopper where sedimentation of the solid particles takes place. The low screw rotation speed improves sedimentation and tries to conveying and discharging de-watered grit and sand through the upper outlet. The cleaned water exits through the lateral hopper discharge spout. Our classifiers consist of an inclined screw conveyor with a large volume hopper including an inlet flange and a water outlet flange, a shaftless screw housed in a trough, low-friction anti wears, a trough cover, an outlet spout for solid particles and a drive unit mounted at the outlet end. Dutco supplies Grit Classifiers which are long-lasting, versatile, easy to install, and can be used with most grit systems. They offer three phases of classification floating solids, settled solids, and liquids, which can be recuperated either by gravity or by centrifugal or airlift pumps. The mechanism is completely enclosed for safety, features an auto-lubrication system that minimizes maintenance and can be supplied with a fully-automatic operation option that can greatly reduce operating costs.

Features –
  • High separation performance
  • Dry solid material discharge
  • Smooth decomposition of the small or large particles
  • Without bearings, and without water leakage design
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Shaftless heavy-duty screw ensuring durability
  • No submerged bearings or seals required
  • Long life and lower maintenance costs
Grit Classifies for Wastewater

Grit Classifies for Wastewater

Grit Washers for Wastewater

Grit Washers for Wastewater