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GRT CC Dust, Erosion Control , Soil Stabilization & Water Management

GRT: CC is a Concentrated Coagulant, used to clarify water contaminated with finely suspended clays in dams and sedimentation basins. It is also used for removal of nutrients such as phosphate from water and fluoride from industrial wastewater. Works well in conjunction with GRT: Liquid-Floc.

The product is used to separate the suspended and dissolved compounds from water. Suspended mineral, organics, pathogens and dissolved species such as metal ions, phosphates, fluoride and radionuclides can be separated and settled out using GRT: Water Clarification Products.

Often these ultra-fine suspended solids will not settle on their own because the negatively charged surfaces repel each other to continue to suspend the particles. As coagulant, GRT: CC also works well in conjunction with GRT flocculation water management products, in particular GRT: Liquid-Floc.


  • Non Hazardous
  • Simple & Easy to Apply
  • Non Flammable & Non volatile
  • Water Resistant
  • Non Leeching
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Dissipating
  • Dries Completely odorless
  • Ultraviolet Resistant
  • Environmentally Safe

Area of Use:

  • Sediment Basins
  • Water Storage Dams – civil, resources, and mining
  • Irrigations Dams