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HDPE Tapping Valve Water Transmission & Distribution

Discover the ultimate solution for precise water management with HDPE Tapping Valve.


  • ISO 4427:2007, ISO 6964, ISO 3126


  • High Density Polyethylene, PE 100


The above fitting is used for hot tapping in order to provide branch connections.


  • Fittings shall be injection moulded.
  • Meets requirements of PE 100+ Association.
  • SDR 11, PN 16
  • Sizes suitable to d63 – d315 pipe and outlet shall be 32/63mm.
  • Top tapping integrated with stainless steel cutter and brass housing.
  • Operating shut off.
  • Accessories such as extended spindle, telescopic installationkit/sleeve tube, sealing washer etc. can be provided.
  • Outlet with welded connection can be turned through 360 deg.
  • Coupler can also be provided for connection between valve to house connection pipe, ID shall be32/63mm.
  • Fusion indicator for visual fusion indication on the saddle.
  • Potable water certificate is available.
  • Bar code available for scanning by electrofusion machine.