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In-line Unstable Detonation Arrestor Oil & Gas - Energy

UCA Series Flame Arresters

In-line Unstable Detonation Arresters, Explosion Group IIA

In-line Unstable Detonation Arrester with Replaceable Element and Short Time Burn Capability with E-Flow™ element technology and a patented High Energy Dissipation System (HEDS™)

The Elmac Technologies UCA Series in-line Unstable Detonation Flame Arrester is designed to prevent the propagation of gas or vapor explosions in pipelines under the most severe condition of unstable detonation. This type of arrester is specified for use in pipeline systems where the distance between the source of ignition and arrester is significant and/or where detonations are also possible due to pipe roughness, bends, section changes and obstructions