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Sprinkler Heads – Different types Industrial Units, Warehouses & Fuel Stations

Standard Sprinklers

Standard Sprinklers are specially designed to perform the full function with compact size. By using the reliable glass bulb, it is simple but precisely working products in various circumstances and temperatures.

Concealed Sprinklers :

Concealed Type Sprinklers are designed to meet both aesthetic and practical requirements for airports, high-class hotels, luxurious apartments and sports facilities. This unique design allows sprinkler hidden behind provided cover plate. This plate 10mm of field adjustment capability providing easy assembly and tight fit against the ceiling.

Flush Type Sprinklers

Flush Type Sprinklers are designed to harmonize with any interior design. With precise deflector design and world patent heat collecting technology, the outstanding fast and accurate performance comes with its small body. Residential Type Sprinkler is designed to offer fast response. It provides appropriate discharge and spray pattern to suppress the fire in residential area. This offers wider discharge angle to cover even to a walls. Mainly installed at apartments, houses and multi-service business areas.

Fusible Type Sprinklers :

Fusible Type Sprinklers are simple and stable sprinkler. Side Wall Type Sprinkler is available in both horizontal and vertical type. It offers rectangular spray pattern, and ideal for use in hard-to-install areas such as fire-prevention shutter sections, mechanical parking buildings, hotels and escalators.