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Integrated Turbo Pumping Systems Analytical Solutions
Integrated Turbo Pumping Systems Vaccum & Leak Detection Solutions

Multiple TPS plug and pump solutions in a compact footprint with fast pump down time and active gauge reading capability.

TPS-mini Turbo Pumping System

The TPS-mini portable vacuum solution combines the TwisTorr 74 FS turbo pump and a dry 10 L/min diaphragm pump in a competive package. The lightest and smallest footprint in its category, it can be mounted in any position, either on a benchtop or directly on your system by its inlet flange. The onboard display can read system pressure from a variety of active gauges.

The TPS-mini is a ready-to-use dry-pumping system and ideal vacuum solution for small volume chambers and gauge calibration systems. The simple to use, on/off switch gives you high vacuum with the flip of a switch.

TPS-compact Turbo Pumping System

The TPS-compact is a portable, hydrocarbon-free pumping station. Available with either the TwisTorr 74 FS or 304 FS turbomolecular pumps and backed by the Agilent 3 m3/h (60 L/min) dry scroll pump technology, it offers the fastest pumpdown on the market in a compact package. The large pressure display is capable of reading a variety of active gauges.

The TPS-compact pumping system can operate on worldwide voltages and is CE/CSA-UL certified.

The system is ideal for medium-size chambers up to 100 L, in university laboratories, industrial applications, and medical applications. The simple to use, on/off switch gives you high vacuum with the flip of a switch.