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IPS Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings Irrigation Pumping Station

Ductile Iron is an improved variant of Cast Iron which is also known as Nodular Cast Iron or Spheroidal Graphite Iron. Centrifugally Cast Ductile Iron pipes are one of the most preferred materials for sewage and water supply applications across the world because of its wide bunch of advantages. Pipes which are made from Ductile Cast Irons, offer substantial benefits in terms of impact resistance, bearing ability, and capacity for sustaining external static/ dynamic loading. Ductile Iron Pipes and the Pipe Fittings are made for each other. In the same way in which pipes are used for a wide range of public, residential, and industrial applications, so is also the case for pipe fittings. No pipes can be connected without using proper flanges and fittings. Pipe fittings help pipes to be connected and installed or joined in necessary cases and can be terminated in the right place. For a wide range of applications like transportation of sewerage, water, irrigation, and wastewater are also used industrially in power plants.

Ductile Iron pipes need to be cast centrifugally in accordance with EN 545:2010. Centrifugally cast pipes are required to work hydrostatic test for a duration of at least 10 seconds at a minimum pressure given in EN 545:2010 Standard, depending on the class of pipes. Pipes, pipe-fittings, and joints class adjusted by the contractor based on the final design for each segment must be able to withstand normal working conditions especially inner pressure, external strains, overloads, and reactions from soil or supports taking into consideration the surge and test pressures. Ductile Iron fittings shall be submitted at the works to a leak-tightness test carried out either with air at a pressure of 1 bar or with water in accordance with EN 545:2010. The fittings shall be designed and manufactured as automatic push-on joint type (Tyton and/or Standard or equivalent), flanged type and self-anchored automatic push-on joint type, mechanical joints shall be used for collars or couplings only. Each socket joint shall be supplied with its EPDM gasket, (and glands and bolts when mechanical or anchored type).

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