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IPS Self Cleaning Filters Irrigation Pumping Station

Self Cleaning filters are specially designed systems that can automatically remove the clogged particles or dirt after a certain time period. Which is once the filter traps or holds unwanted particles together, it is set in such that it can flush out or remove the unwanted material. These filters are available in various configurations. For example, it allows clean fluid for flowing through the system and removes the dirt or particle from the system. It can be defined as a filter system that cleans itself after a certain period of time.

Benefits of Self-Cleaning Filter

There are several benefits which you can get by using a self-cleaning filter. Either indirectly or directly, this equipment can help in several ways like the following –

Non-stop filtration

With a self-cleaning filter, you will get the biggest advantage which is that you will not have to stop the filtration process. This is important mainly in applications that need continuous filtration of your fluid. You will not have the stress of stopping the operation for cleaning the filter element. The filter will clean itself as the filtration process continues.


While comparing a self-cleaning filter with all the other types of filters, you can find out that it is also highly cost-efficient. The maintenance costs like repairing and cleaning are much less and it will save you money. You can also use these resources for other functions that will need filtration.

Easy to operate

You will only need basic operational skills for being able to run a self-cleaning filter. You will gradually find it an extremely easy device to use on your application. Normally, once you have installed it in your application, it will be ready to use. Also removing the components for maintenance and repairing only needs you to go over the manual.

Widely Available

With self-cleaning filters, you will get an advantage which is that you can easily find them in the market. This is mainly due to their relatively affordable price and also since various manufacturers can manufacture them. Again, they are available in several sizes which give you the upper hand. You can also pick the size which can fit in your application. With the help of several sizes of the filtration element, you can choose the filtration level which you want for your fluid.

Contaminant holding area

Most of the self-cleaning filters have large holding areas for the contaminants. This allows you to operate your application for a long period of time without disposing of the contaminants. The advantage which you will get here is that you can continue with your production for a longer time period.

In irrigation and landscaping systems, water circulation is important for your far. In several applications, you will need a continuous flow of water. Because of this, you will need a self-cleaning filter on the water system of the farm. A self-cleaning filter will help you to remove the contaminants which may work as a health hazard for your crops. Your maintenance will be lesser.

Dutco Tennant LLC can offer you an advanced range of Self Cleaning filters which will offer you high-class performance, every time.


  • Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
  • No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
  • Economic and robust choice for automation of filtration
  • Very simple and reliable cleaning mechanism with specialpads with brushes