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Our economical, yet comprehensive, package of mechanical training equipment combines the best features of mechanical maintenance training products. The system allows the student to progress through the full range of common mechanical skills using one comprehensive training system.

The primary training components from trainers relating to Belt Drives, Chain Drives, Gear Drives, Industrial Bearings and Shaft Alignment are combined in one economical package. See individual product descriptions for additional information on individual training modules.

Our Range Is Modular and Tiered, Concentrate on core skills, and expand into more specialized areas pertaining to your industry and your unique program has your training needs evolve.

Bearing Maintenance Trainer, Basic

A realistic, heavy-duty device allowing for convenient and consistent training in the identification, installation and removal of a variety of industrial-quality rolling element bearings. The device provides for two student workstations. Using two of four CNC-machined stub shafts provided, in combination with shaft mounting brackets, training can take place at both ends of the device.

A selection of large diameter spherical roller bearings, radial ball bearings, angular contact bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, a needle bearing and shaft seals are provided. Additionally, “loose” and “interference” fit bearing seating locations are provided.

Gear Maintenance Trainer

This versatile assembly allows for convenient hands-on training in gear identification, installation, alignment, and troubleshooting. The device includes a diverse selection of industrial-quality gears, shafts, and bearings, allowing for use in a variety of configurations. Useful in the classroom or training lab, this heavy-duty device will improve maintenance skills, as well as increase the understanding of precision gearing.