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Non-Ragging Channel Mixers for Wastewater Wastewater & Stormwater Speciality Products


A non-ragging static channel mixer for dosing additives into wastewater including raw sewage. The Statiflo NRC Mixer has been designed specifically for P removal applications but can equally be used on any chemical dosing service on raw sewage where non-ragging properties are essential. It has a unique variable geometry custom designed for the widest range of wastewater velocities and channel depths found on a typical wastewater treatment plant.
The mixer’s non-ragging design features:
•Variable angle control vanes tuned to optimise performance within tight headloss constraints
•Manual or automatic (power required) control vane options
•Integral accessible sparger for chemical injection
•Subsurface fixed vanes to boost mixing at low depth
•Designed for easy installation in live open channels
•Design adaptable for a wide range of channel sizes, aspect ratios, water depths and flowrates
•No direct power requirements for mixing
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