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The flooring areas of the Mosque when covered with carpets look stunningly beautiful. We have been in the Prayer Room Carpet trading business for so long and our carpets are comfortable to walk on. We provide the best services include flooring products supply and faster installation. Comprising of an extensive selection of ancient ornamentations, traditional and symbolic motifs along with contemporary geometric pattern interpretations in various scales, the beautiful prayer mats bring a perfect combination of comfort, atmosphere and practical advantage for the mosques and religious centers. A mélange refined embedded layer and color-graduated textures are embedded into the patterns. The designs add depth and detail richness to any type of space. They are found in several high-class carpet constructions from Highline concept and meet the strict requirements for any prayer area while the collection also offers recolor options flexibly for satisfying the demands of the design team, all individual ideas can be realized for perfectly fitting the architecture of the project.

It’s really tough to figure out oriental carpets from mosque carpets. These carpets have geometric, arabesque or floral patterns or solid colors. Most of these carpets come with an Islamic landmark that is embedded over them. This can range from Kaaba in Mecca, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and even the Al-Masjid e Nabawi in Medina. It’s not very uncommon to find out a rug having abstract patterns. The Area of the rug production does not affect the texture. Some of the prayer room carpets have patterns while some others are having native materials to their area of manufacturing. All the carpets however have a niche on top of the Mihrab. This is the mosque feature that represents the direction for the prayer performance. A Muslim man places his head on the niche during performing a prayer. Some of the carpets even have an actual representation of Mihrab while the others are somewhat abstract in their demeanor. All the rugs have some type of decoration. They can have illuminated lamps or even pitchers and combs. These decorations play an imagery part along with serving the purpose of reigniting Islamic thoughts. Like for instance, the illuminated lamps refer to the Verse of Light of the Quran. Such types of elaborateness are common. For all your requirements of custom design prayer room carpets get in touch with Dutco Tennant LLC.