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Pull Box and Flush Box For Sports Turf Irrigation Sports Turf Irrigation (Golf Course, Sports Stadium)

We supply you with super resistant Garden Pull Boxes and Flush Boxes that are made with reinforcing polypropylene. They have been designed for ensuring a quick and systematic internal addition of on/off valves, electrically operated valves, filters, and others. The side walls have been perforated to insert pipes inside the valve box. With the help of concrete around the perimeter, these valve boxes can be encased for reinforcing the sides. The covers have been made up of ductile-cast iron, plastic and guarantee a complete sealing of the box. For private as well as professional landscaping, they can be used. They are highly suited for sports facilities, commercial areas, and golf courses.


  • Highly resistant garden valve boxes made of reinforced polypropylene.
  • Its design allows for the quick and systematic internal addition of electrically operated valves, on/off valves, filters, etc.
  • The side walls are perforated for the insertion of piping into the valve box.
  • These valve boxes can be encased with concrete around their perimeter to reinforce the sides.
  • The covers are made of ductile cast-iron, or plastic, and guarantee complete sealing of the box.