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Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Rising Stem for Wastewater Valves for Wastewater

Resilient Seated Gate Valve comprises a lightweight design and is constructed with ductile iron which offers a robust and durable extended life performance. These wastewater valves can either be used above ground or buried service applications and do not requires any maintenance. The valves seal – wedge constitutes the heart of the valve. It must travel easily and remain 100% leak-tight. The way of the water remains clear, unobstructed and free from pockets for allowing smooth flow of water.

The function of Resilient Seated Gate Valves' function is to isolate or sectionalize any piece of sewage equipment or length of pipeline in water or sewage systems. It is generally used on a suction and delivery branches of pumps at regular intervals along a pipeline, at branches underneath air valves, on bye-passes, on drains or washouts, etc. Because of their low head loss coefficient, they are ideally used for pump installations to maximize system efficiency. Resilient seated gate valves are used for Isolation application.

Our supplied range of resilient seated gate valve complies with BS EN 1074-2 and includes WRAS approved materials. It has a durable extended performance life. These valves are used for a wide range of sewage treatment operations and can also be used in other applications like potable water, neutral liquids, irrigation, heating and chilled water, fire systems, etc, in either above ground or buried service applications and require minimal maintenance. The valves come with rated working pressure of 16 Bar. These gate valves are fusion bonded epoxy coated both on the interior as well as the exterior surfaces of the valve, flange surfaces are also fully epoxy coated. We guarantee you one of the lightest, most durable Resilient Seated Gate Valves in the market today. Superior materials and design make it easy to operate and built to last. Valve components are designed to be either inherently corrosion-resistant or protected with a fusion-bonded polyester resin coating for long, reliable service life and enhanced UV protection for exposed installations. Our offered valves are passed through several ranges of testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards and every valve is tested hydrostatically before they leave our factory.


  • Rising stem
  • Class 175/200
  • 100 % Leak tight
  • Replaceable wedge
  • Varied Applications
  • Bubble tight shut-off
  • Full port flow-low head loss
  • Epoxy coated internal & external
  • Compact Design & Lightweight
  • Vulcanized encapsulated resilient wedge
  • Ductile Iron Wedge with all-around EPDM encapsulation
  • Three bosses are provided, one boss with tapped and plug
  • Epoxy coated to minimum 250 microns, internally and externally
  • Operation by Handwheel, Gearboxes, Actuation (Electric or Pneumatic)


To be used as the regulating and cut off the device in the fluid pipeline of the following industrial system:

  • Waste Water
  • Chemical
  • Electricity
  • Chemical Fertilizer