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Rotary Disc Screens for Wastewater Pretreatment Screens & Screen Handling Equipments


For the filtration of wastewaters containing filamentous and fibrous contaminants, Rotary disc sieve is conventionally used. It is a sieve system that has quite a high treatment efficiency. When the efficiency in a wastewater treatment plant increases, it extends the expected lives of the other equipment. For the physical treatment units of wastewater treatment plants for removing suspended solid materials, rotary disc screens are used. They are the most preferred choice for preventing some possible clogging and failures in the other units of treatment plants. Secondly, they are the ideal screen systems for protecting heat exchangers who are used in heat recovery systems. With the help of flocculation and precipitation, these types of screens can be operated and it allows the amount of phosphorus which is present in wastewater to be reduced to very low levels. So, this prevents the excessive growth of algae and eutrophication of water. The rotary disc screen is made up of a disc screen, water distribution weir, a water spray system for cleaning the surface of the screen, and a waste collection chamber. They have been designed enclosed for preventing water splash and odor problems. The equipment's capacity and cleaning capability are proportional to the number of disc pairs. With stainless sieve wires, the disk pairs are covered. In case of power failure or overflow conditions, wastewater flows through a bypass line of the screen. The rotating disc screen is prevented from being damaged in this way.

The rotary disc screens with the help of the automatic cleaning system provide ease of operation and thus become a preferable and advantageous system in the treatment plants. The cleaning operation of the sieve surface is made with the help of water sprayed via spray nozzles found on the disc. between the discs, the remaining solid residues accumulate in time and then get removed from the discharge chamber for solid waste. The number of disc pairs that are found on the sieve can change according to the flow rate. Sieve opening is selected according to the processes. With stainless materials, the interior and exterior parts of the machine have been made. The machine is covered with a cover made of polycarbonate material in order to prevent splashing and malodor problems. Due to the modular design and small space requirements of our supplied rotary mesh screen, it can be tailored to suit any specific site requirements.

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  • High filtration efficiency
  • Suspended solids reduction
  • In case of overflow conditions, by-pass line
  • No requirement of external wash water because of the self-cleaning system
  • Compact design
  • Continuously operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance