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Rotary Paddle Level Switches Process Instrumentation

The new rotary paddle level switch series of well-known design can be used for detecting the level of lumpy or powdery materials and granules. Mounted to tanks, silos and hoppers it can monitor and control level, filling and emptying of stored materials such as stone, fly ash, sand, coal, feed, beet slice, etc. A small power electric motor drives the paddle which rotates freely in the absence of the material. When the paddle is immersed by the material reaching it, the motor will be switched off the same time triggering the output contact switch. When the material level drops the paddle runs free again, the motor is reactivated and the switch returns to its original state. The new series rotary paddle level switches provide all the advantageous features of the previous series in one unit. Dust Ex versions are available for use in hazardous environments.