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Scroll Pump Accessories Vaccum & Leak Detection Solutions

Agilent offers a full range of scroll pump accessories to support your scroll pumps including replacement tip seals, exhaust silencers, HEPA inlet filters, exhaust filters, maintenance kits, vibration isolation kits, purge kits, and VPI valves

Tip Seals for Scroll Pumps

Agilent replacement tip seals and tip seal kits are replacement parts for your Agilent IDP and TriScroll dry scroll pumps. These genuine factory parts enable immediate tip seal replacement.

Agilent replacement tip seals facilitate onsite maintenance, reducing downtime and getting your instruments back online quickly. Our 'How To' videos on the Agilent website offer step-by-step instructions for efficient replacement of your tip seals.

Mufflers, Silencers & Filters for Scroll Pumps

Agilent mufflers, silencers, and filters attach to IDP and TriScroll dry scroll pumps to reduce noise and improve your working environment.

Inlet filters protect the scroll pump from ingested particles while exhaust filters prevent discharge into the room.

Maintenance Kits for Scroll Pumps

Maintenance kits for Agilent IDP and TriScroll dry scroll pumps are suitable for both minor pump maintenance and major pump overhauls.

Agilent maintenance kits give users the ability to perform maintenance onsite, reducing downtime and minimizing costs.

Vibration Isolators for Scroll Pumps

Agilent vibration isolators are designed to reduce vibration in Agilent IDP and TriScroll dry scroll pumps.

These isolation kits are ideal for applications that require minimal vibration transmission, such as electron microscopy and high-energy physics.

Cables & Cords for Scroll Pumps

Agilent vacuum cables and power cords are for use with Agilent IDP and TriScroll dry scroll pumps. These cords are compliant with regional regulations and standards.

Purge Valves for Scroll Pumps

Agilent bearing purge valves enable proper purging of the main bearings or the gas ballast. These valves are for use with Agilent TriScroll dry scroll pumps and come in kits.

The purge valves protect bearings from harsh applications and high-vapor loads, prolonging bearing life. They facilitate controlled gas flow into the pump for high-vapor applications, giving the user fine-tuned operation of their pump.

Speed Control Kits for Scroll Pumps

Agilent speed control kits can fine-tune the speed of TriScroll pumps. Pumping speeds can be quickly adjusted to meet specific process requirements.

The simple installation of the kit makes it suitable for users of all ability levels.

Vacuum Pump Isolation Valve (VPI)

Agilent vacuum pump isolation (VPI) valves are inlet protection valves that electrically connect with the mechanical pump. The valves close rapidly when power is interrupted to prevent oil backstreaming or particle migration into the vacuum system. They also vent the pump from the inlet side, pushing any debris towards the outlet, and preventing it from being swept into the system when pumping is restarted.

The body design and right-angle configuration of the valves provide maximum conductance. Reliable seals offer fast-acting, immediate protection of your vacuum system.