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Slipring Motors Electricity Transmission & Distribution

Permanent magnetic (PM) motor is a combination of the induction and permanent magnet motors and it operates like the induction motor during start-up, but, during rated operation, it operates like the permanent magnet motor for a high efficiency and power factor.


  • Minimized energy loss by approximately 40% compared to common induction motor for premium grade high efficiency characteristics
  • Stable operation even under fluctuations in load or voltage


  • Super premium efficiency (IE4)
  • 10:1 constant torque speed range
  • Less heat from rotor
  • Less weight & space
  • Less noise & vibration
  • Synchronous motor without slip
  • Sensorless feedback
  • Foot and Flange mount models
  • Extended life time


  • Weaving machine
  • Fan
  • Compressor