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Explosion Proof Motors Electricity Transmission & Distribution


Explosion-proof motor is a special self-protective motor which does not ignite due to an external explosion in highly-explosive areas and endures explosion pressures that occur from the inside of its container.

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The container endures internal explosion pressure when explosive gas explodes or steam causes a large pressure increase. In addition, the motor is structured to protect from external explosive gas or steam that may enter through the joints or openings.

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The protective gases’ pressure is maintained at a higher level than the external environment to create an explosion-proof structure that protects the motor from external influence.

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This motor has a mechanically and electrically enhanced safety structure against temperature increases for preventing an electrical spark and arc, which can act as an igniter for the explosive gas or steam in operation.

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  • International explosion-proof certificates (UL, ATEX, IEC, KR, etc.)
  • Solid structure for enduring an internal explosion
  • High safety required in petro chemistry plants
Voltage Rating Speed
Low Voltage Up to 600V Up to 750KW 2P, 4P,6P,8P
Medium & High Voltage 3.3KV to 13.2KV Up to 13500KW 2P, 4P,6P,8P