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Solenoid and Isolating Valve Box Landscaping Works

Solenoid and Isolating Valve Boxes have a super-resistant design and they are made up of reinforced polypropylene. The designs help the conditioning solenoid valves, filters, valves, etc. to be inside in an orderly and simple way. For inserting the pipe into the manhole, the side walls are perforated. These chests allowed to be formed with concrete in all its prime to and thus it can strengthen the side even more. The covers are made up of super-reinforced plastic and are UV treated for ensuring complete resistance on the outside. They are suitable for private and professional gardening, sports facilities and golf courses, and shopping areas.


  • Valve boxes of super-resistant design made of reinforced polypropylene.
  • The design allows conditioning solenoid valves, valves, filters, etc ... inside of a simple and orderly.
  • The side walls are perforated for insertion of the pipe into the manhole.
  • These chests allowed to be formed with concrete in all its primetro thus strengthen even more the sides.
  • The covers are made of super-reinforced plastic and UV treated to ensure total resistance to the outside.