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Self Cleaning Filters For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

For preventing the equipment from getting clogged, almost all types of agriculture and horticulture projects. The Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters which we supply from Dutco Tennant LLC can offer an amazing range of protection, no matter what may be the type of agriculture. These filters can protect the entire range of nozzle diameters and can operate both electrically and hydraulically. Without any protection for the sprinklers and drip equipment, dirt and debris can get collected in tubes and the sprinkler nozzles will easily disrupt the pattern of the irrigation. Without any connection to the head spacing of the sprinkler, uneven coverage can be created by the clogged nozzles that can lead to brown patches and severe damage. When it is left unchecked, the clogged nozzles can obstruct completely and it will need to be replaced. The self-cleaning filters which we supply, can offer protection from costly agricultural damages and increases the life of the sprinkler. By installing them, you can improve the efficiency of water and also save time and money. It can also significantly reduce the use of water and also save energy, protect the environment, and promote a commitment towards sustainability. These automatic self-cleaning filters can also help users to reduce the wastewater by around 75% for irrigation users. Our supplied filter has smaller flash valves that can reduce the required volume of water to remove the screen build-up on the screen element without compromising the system flow during backwash. In several cases where it is needed to filtration, our irrigation filters can enter the system conventionally at the secondary or tertiary phase. During the automatic cleaning cycles, reduced use of water makes these filters the ultimate choice of the industry for agricultural applications. These self-cleaning filters have been easily integrating into a wide variety of pump station configurations.


  • Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
  • No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
  • Economic and robust choice for automation of filtration
  • Very simple and reliable cleaning mechanism with specialpads with brushes