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Stainless Steel Stop Logs for Wastewater Flow Control Flow Control - Penstocks and Rollergates

Stop logs are steel bulkheads that are used in channels or control structures for holding back the flow of water. They are individually lowered on top of one another via a vertical guide system to a pre-determined height, to suit the dimensions of the sluice that they are restricting the water flow through. The design of the Stoplogs is a single rectangular unit that can be used in a single or modular format to hold back different volumes of water. In order to achieve the most effective modular increments to suit the requirements of the particular site where they will be employed, stop logs are designed and fabricated accordingly.

These types of gates are fabricated in steel plate which suitable reinforced with various steel sections to withstand the water pressures. Fabricated from steel or stainless steel, bulk headgates are designed to be placed in slots or grooved channel walls and are lifted and lowered with overhead or mobile cranes. The gate has lifting lugs for handling. The slots or grooves are lined or fabricated from steel or stainless steel for the ease of insertion and a good fit with rubber seals on the bulkhead gate. The surface of the sill may be formed by flat and level concrete invert or with an embedded sill plate. Mainly for equipment isolation such as pumps, screens and service gates, bulk headgates are used. When equipped with a lintel seal, the gate can seal off heads greater than the gate height. Rubber seals around the perimeter of the gate control leakage effectively and is hydrostatically energized. Bulk headgates seal in one direction.

Bulk headgates can be used in multiple locations and can be removed completely for storage. When significant flows or heads are present, they cannot be removed since only the closing force is gravity. It is not practically possible to remove against the high differential head. A small fill or balancing gate or valve can be installed on the bulk headgate to facilitate head balancing and gate removal.

Features –
  • Suitable for flows in either direction
  • A pressure-sensitive intermediate lip seal design for effective inter-log sealing
  • Extensive combination of wall and channel mounting configurations available
  • All logs are supplied with lifting pins


  • Low friction seals reduce the removal effort required
  • Available in corrosion-resistant materials
  • Long Life Performance
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • No Protective Coatings Required
  • Low leakage rates are comparable with more expensive penstock alternative for infrequent applications
  • Compact design minimizes rebates at sides and invert
  • Flexible design provides several alternative options to the conventional mounting of channel and wall type stop logs
  • Robust construction
  • A cost-effective solution for high duty applications.


  • Flood alleviation
  • Maintenance of plant
  • Flood diversion

Other Details

  • For temporary closure of channels or other structures for maintenance and inspection work or flood protection. The press-on device supplied ensures the correct pressing of the logs into the seals pre-mounted on the logs. Lifting tools facilitate the removal of the dam logs and can be used as a semi-automatic version with a crane
  • Stop log with intermediate seal, straight channel profile in the bottom
  • Design of the material thickness of frame and log according to static requirements
  • Including officially approved fastening material made of stainless steel
  • Concreting in a building recess, dowels in a channel, dowels in front of a building opening