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Stoplogs for Wastewater Flow Control Flow Control - Penstocks and Rollergates

Stop Logs are used for level controlling in open channels. Logs are beams that are inserted in grooves cast in a channel wall. Aluminum is the favored choice of material for stop log and slot construction. Aluminum and steel stop logs are designed for open channel installation in treatment plants, irrigation, hydraulic works, and hydro-electric power plants and are an easy and economical way for controlling flow in a channel. They are primarily used in situations where temporary or infrequent isolation of a channel is necessary, or to control water levels. Several logs fit on top of each other in the frame to form the slide. Users control the flow in a channel by adding or removing logs. Dutco Tennant LLC is a renowned supplier of a premium range of stop logs that offer highly reliable and consistent service.

Aluminum stop logs have rubber lip-type seals on each side to seal at the wall and across the bottom to seal at the sill or with the next log. The most preferred sill is an embedded metal sill. Aluminum is a strong lightweight material allowing some logs to be “manhandled”. The typical aluminum stop log is equipped with lifting lugs for use with a stop-lifting beam. The beam is a self-engaging log handling device for underwater retrieval and manual lanyard release of the log. The lifting beam is wheel guided by a stop log slot. An overhead crane, davit crane, or mobile crane is needed to lift and install/remove most stop logs.

Stop logs cannot be installed in high flowing water. They can be removed against low flowing water and against very low heads. Stop logs can be stacked and used for equipment isolation, however, there may be considerable leakage due to the greater amount of sealing perimeter compared to a single bulkhead type arrangement.


  • Ease of operation
  • Wide range of material applications and sizes
  • Mechanically fixed renewable seals
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lower installation costs using expanding safety bolts
  • Single/Multi-piece manufacturing suitable for manual/mechanized lifting arrangement
  • Interchangeable log design
  • Custom built to customer requirements
  • For temporary closure of channels or other structures for maintenance and inspection work or flood protection. The press-on device supplied ensures the correct pressing of the logs into the seals pre-mounted on the logs. Lifting tools facilitate the removal of the dam logs and can be used as a semi-automatic version with a crane
  • Stop log with intermediate seal, straight channel profile in the bottom
  • Design of the material thickness of frame and log according to static requirements
  • Including officially approved fastening material made of stainless steel
  • Concreting in a building recess, dowels in a channel, dowels in front of a building opening