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Butterfly Valve Sub Stations & Power Plants

Flow data of isolating valves is normally used within the calculations for pipework sizing and system pressure losses when the valve is in the fully open position. Many on/off isolating valves spend most of the time in the fully open position and therefore these valves should have high KV figures to reduce pressure drops, increase plant efficiency and contribute to reducing energy costs.

The sizing of regulating valves requires detailed calculations for each case, taking into account e.g. noise and cavitation.

Technical Specifications

Construction Concentric butterfly valve with bonded vulcanised rubber linings
Body type Lugged wafer type
End connection PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16 ASME, CL 150 JIS, 5K / 10K
Design pressure 16 bar / 232 psi
Nominal diameter DN 50 / NPS 2 up to DN 1200 / NPS 48
Building length Wafer short, acc. EN 558 / ISO 5752, Serie 20
Body material

Nodulair cast iron

Steel cast

Stainless steel cast

Aluminiumbronze / bronze

Sealing Rubber seat


Worm gear

Pneumatic actuators

Electric actuators

Hydraulic actuators