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Gate Valves Sub Stations & Power Plants
Flanged gate valve with wrench nut - UL/FM approved for fire protection applications to max. 70° C

AVK gate valves are designed with built-in safety in every detail. The wedge is fully vulcanized in a double bonding process with AVK’s own drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound which features a very low compression set resulting in an outstanding ability to regain the original shape after having been compressed. A triple stem seal system, a high strength stem and a thorough corrosion protection safeguard the unmatched reliability.


  • Fixed, integral wedge nut prevents vibration
  • Wedge core in ductile iron, fully encapsulated in drinking water approved EPDM in a 2-step vulcanization process that leaves a very strong rubber-iron bond preventing corrosion underneath the rubber. No iron parts are exposed to the water
  • A large through bore in the wedge eliminates collection of stagnant water which might cause contamination
  • Wedge shoes integrated in the rubber
  • Stainless steel stem with rolled threads for high strength
  • Stem seal with one lower main O-ring backed up by two upper O-rings in a polyamide bearing replaceable under pressure
  • Round bonnet gasket, fixed in a groove in the bonnet preventing it from being blown out in pressure surges
  • Counterbored and hot melt sealed bonnet bolts in stainless steel, encircled by the bonnet gasket preventing contact with the water
  • Full bore and clear way
  • Low operating torque
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating, RAL 3000, acc. to DIN 30677

Technical Specifications

Variant 145/40-002
Connection: Flanged
Material: Ductile Iron
DN: DN65 - DN200
Closing direction: Clockwise to Close