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GG04 Plus Tablet Solution Civil Infrastructure
GG04 Plus Tablet Solution Surveying Solutions

Designed to perform in extreme working environments, the Leica GG04 plus Tablet Solution includes a fully rugged Android tablet with a large screen that is viewable in bright sunlight conditions. Thanks to the robust and ergonomic design you can work for longer periods of time and in more comfort.

Complementing the tablet with the Leica GG04 plus smart antenna and Leica Zeno Mobile app, you now have the ultimate GIS asset collection from one trusted provider. This light-weight, easy-to-use, and accurate solution will increase your data capture productivity.


  • Data collection with the Zeno Mobile app The Zeno Tab 2 is especially adjusted for use with Zeno Mobile, providing you with an intuitive user experience that makes data collection in the field more efficient. With Zeno Mobile, you can capture accurate and fully attributed data with ease. The high sensitivity touch screen provides superior performance even when it’s raining.
  • HxGN SmartNet Unleash the full potential of the GG04 plus Tablet Solution by using a HxGN SmartNet RTK subscription. HxGN SmartNet is available in many countries across the world and delivers GNSS corrections 24/7 by a highly-available infrastructure and support team. The reference station networks are based on Leica Geosystems technology, ensuring the positional accuracy in any application.
  • Optimised for the field The Zeno Tab 2 has been designed specifically for field operations. The compact and rugged design, one-handed operation, long-life battery performance, Android operating system, and touch screen are all needed to work productively in extreme working environments.
  • Smart antenna connectivity Using Bluetooth on the Zeno Tab 2 the Leica GG04 plus smart antenna can obtain high accuracy GNSS positions. When using HxGN SmartNet technology in combination with the GG04 plus you can achieve accuracies of down to 1 centimetre. With the power of smart antenna technology, you can capture high accuracy data anywhere without limits.