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Leica Zeno Mobile

Leica Zeno Mobile is an Android app available on selected Android phones and tablets and the Leica Zeno 20 GIS handheld data collector. The aim of Zeno Mobile is to keep things simple whilst still offering the user a host of professional data capture functions to increase productivity in the field.

When paired with the Leica GG04 plus smart antenna, Zeno Mobile captures points, line and polygon data down to 1 centimeter accuracy in even the most demanding GNSS environments.

Leica Zeno Field

Leica Zeno Field is an OEM version of ArcPad™ 10 and provides in addition to the well-known ArcPad™ functionality: GNSS raw data logging, easy handling of GNSS configurations (such as DGPS settings), feature accuracy management and an automated workflow between the field and office. Together with Zeno Office, easily manage feature quality over time and benefit from automated import and export functions to a wide range of different formats such as ArcGIS geodatabase, shapefile, dxf, dgn, and dwg.

Leica MobileMatriX Mapping Software for Arc GIS

Leica MobileMatriX has been specifically designed for the needs of surveyors and GIS professionals. This software is a solution for the interactive processing, visualisation and maintenance of survey data directly in the field. Developed for seamless dataflow between the field and the office. MobileMatriX is based on the latest ArcGIS™ technology from ESRI®.