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Ultraportable Gas Analyzers Dutcotennant

We now offer the new ground-breaking, "Ultraportable" line of analyzers designed for environmental and industrial applications that features :

  • User-cleanable optics
  • Remote controllable via the internet
  • All gases reported on a dry and wet mole fraction basis
  • Only 15 kg
  • Power: 60 watts (either AC or DC)
  • Extended range option (on selected analyzers)
  • Species specific measurements

Applications Include

  • Field studies
  • Soil flux
  • Eddy accumulation
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Leak detection (natural gas leak)
  • Air quality studies
  • Other applications requiring multi-gas measurements

Products Covered

  • Trace Gas Analyzer
  • Isotopope Analyzer
  • Questioned Document