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Urban Farms Agriculture and Horticulture
In recent years, the urban farm method of growing crops is gaining immense popularity in big and advanced cities where there is unavailability of arable land. We at Dutco Tennant LLC bring you a wide range of solutions that include products that can help in establishing urban and indoor types of farms. Some of the popular types of indoor farm solutions are - Urban Kitchen Garden - It is basically a herb and vegetable growing system developed specially for towns and cities where there are space limitations. Balcony, verandah or terrace can be used for keeping stand with plants in trays. This way households can also produce herbs and vegetables for daily consumption. Vertical Towers - This is a type of vertical farming which is simple in style. It can be used in hydroponic systems or with substrate media. Based on the requirement, it can be used for plant ornamentals, vegetable crops or herbs. One can harvest a particular type of vegetable each day. Vertical towers can be established in mobile design so that plants can get uniform light for the most effective growth. Vertical Walls - It is a type of urban farming which is basically used for maximizing green area in offices, living space, factories, etc. Shade loving plants are ideal for vertical walls. Plants such as Philodendron, Money Plant, Syngonium, Portulaka, Basil and Brahmi can be grown suitably in green vertical walls. Fodder Cabinet - This is typically used for producing green fodder for the milking cattles where the space is limited. Each cabinet has the capacity to produce up to 35 kgs of green fodder daily. Fodder produced from one cabinet can ideally suffice 3-4 cattles. The fodder obtained from using these cabinets is highly nutritious and tender. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about our urban farm solutions.