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Wastewater Sewage Air Release Valves Vacuum Breaker Valve Valves for Wastewater

Protecting the water supply from the effects which come from backflow and back-siphonage is considered as an important factor. It is considered as the most basic form of protection as the presence of an air gap in between the possible source of contamination and access to the plumbing system, usually a plumbing fixture.

The purpose of a vacuum breaker is to stop the back-siphonage. The atmospheric vacuum breaker comprises a check valve member and an air vent which is normally closed when the device is pressurized. The air vent allows air into the piping system for the purpose of stopping a siphon at the point of use. Vacuum breakers and air valves are useful tools in the industry for protecting pipelines against vacuum or near-vacuum conditions. High points in the pipe can be susceptible to these low-pressure conditions during surge events because pressure waves moving through the system cause a sudden pressure upsurge or down surge. For critical applications where Vacuum Breaker valve protection is a must or where column separation is predicted, a vacuum breaker is used. The Vacuum Breaker is mounted at critical sewage pipeline high points, penstocks or tanks and allows for the rapid inflow of atmospheric air for reducing vacuum conditions in piping air valve systems. As Vacuum Breaker provides back siphonage protection only, it is considered isolation protection only. These devices are located on individual plumbing fixtures and appliances. All vacuum breakers are considered as high-hazard protection. These devices protect the potable system from toxic materials. Vacuum Breakers are designed for use in health hazard cross-connections and continuous pressure applications where the water enters the water equipment at or below its flood rim. It provides protection against back siphonage incidents only. Applications include irrigation systems, firelines, and industrial process water systems. If you are looking to get a premium range of Vacuum Breaker Valves in the Middle East, then you can get them from Dutco Tennant.


  • Available in sizes 1/2" - 42"
  • Automated Sizing Program
  • Opens in response to a 0.25 psi vacuum
  • Cushions surges related to column separation
  • Available in sizes 3" - 42" with Optional Air Release Valve
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system


  • Resilient seating for positive shutoff.
  • Available with optional inflow preventer.
  • Resilient seals provide drop tight seating.
  • Available with optional screened hood.
  • Performance has proven for over 40 years.
  • Eliminates siphoning of dangerous fluids.
  • Simple Lever and Compound Lever Models.
  • For corrosive or ultra-pure liquid applications.
  • Connections for optional air release valve - to vent entrained air.
  • Full flow areas provide maximum vacuum protection for pipelines and tanks.
  • Designed to protect enclosed tanks from collapse or structural damage during draining.


  • Available in sizes 1/2" - 8"
  • Maintains systems flow efficiency.
  • Certified ISO 9001 quality system.
  • Protects the system against air-related surges.
  • Releases unwanted air pockets during system operation.