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Varying Flow Bubbler For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

Bubblers are a modified version of the trickle irrigation system. Water is applied to the surface of the land in this method as a small stream by tubular-shaped bubblers which are attached conventionally to a buried or on the surface lateral line. The system is highly suitable for growing orchards or trees which are more than two years in age. At or near the roots of the plants, water is applied in small basins around the trunks of the trees for covering the root zone. By minimizing the evaporation and deep percolation losses and taking care of the runoff. Mainly the variation of the discharge rate from the bubblers because of the head losses and unevenness of the system inland topography can be reduced easily with a screwdriver. Deep percolation, where the water moves below the root zone can happen if a bubbler system is operated for a very long duration of time. On the other, operating the system with a very short duration can actually cause a deficit in irrigation.

For uniformity all over a field or for precise water delivery to individual plants based on the calculation of the moisture-holding capacity of the root zone and the daily irrigation requirement of the crop, distribution can be easily adjusted. The bubbler systems comprise pipes, bubblers, trenches, valves, and basins. They need routine maintenance which is quite simple.

Features & Specifications

  • Special Inlet Filter Supplied with special filter to prevent blockage by sand / silt particles which ensures trouble free operation for longer period
  • Innovative Design Innovative design manufactured from engineering plastic for better pattern
  • Flood bubbler with umbrella pattern Available in two different models for an easy to adjust bubbler and with screw adjustments for flow
  • Threaded Inet Connection Threaded inlet connection provided for connectivity with system
  • Recommended working pressure: 1.0-3.0 kg/cm²
  • Flow rates: 360 - 1020 lph
  • Filtration requirements: 120 microns