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Pressure Compensating Flow Bubbler For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

Bubblers are mainly used for high volume of irrigation. Mostly, they are found in pressure compensating and other types. Bubblers are manufactured mainly from stable engineering plastic. With special filters, they are supplied to prevent blockages from sand and silt particles that can ultimately guarantee a completely hassle-free operation for a longer period of time. These bubblers are easily mounted or multipurpose stake which has bubbler stake assembly. The pressure compensating circle bubblers can offer a gentle umbrella of water to irrigate trees, flowers, and shrubs where pressure compensation is required. They are extremely suited in a rugged environment. For commercial applications, the bubbler style outlet and medium-flow operations can offer users with more flexibility. They can be used ideally for installations by using a PVC pipe and schedules 80 risers.


  • At pressures between 90 and 20 psi, the flow will not fluctuate.
  • The low flow rate makes it possible for the water to be absorbed as required and reduced the runoff.
  • For increased vandal resistance, the flow is not adjustable.
  • They are ideal for a varied range of applications like trees, shrubs, large pots, and containers.
  • An even flow will be maintained.
  • Uniform flow throughout a wide pressure range is delivered by the pressure compensating design.
  • They are having a robust design and is made up of UV-resistant durable plastic.