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Ball Type Check Valve Potable Water

For the past four decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been a leader in supplying equipment and solutions for industrial and engineering needs in the Middle East and GCC region. We provide various types of high-quality material testing equipment which are fabricated as per the relevant industry defined quality standards and they are designed to produce accurate results. Our offered range of products can be used for various material testing applications such as tensile strength, abrasion, pendulum impact, thickness, and more. All of our tools are offered at industry supportive prices, and we are capable of processing bulk orders within a short period.

A ball-type check valve is a check valve in which the closing member, the movable part to block the flow, is a ball. In some ball check valves, the ball is spring-loaded to help keep it shut. For those designs without a spring, reverse flow is required to move the ball toward the seat and create a seal. The interior surface of the main seats of the ball valve is more or less conically-tapered to guide the ball into the seat and form a positive seal when stopping reverse flow.

Ball Type Check Valve functions by means of a ball which moves up and down inside the valve. The seat is machined to fit the ball, and the chamber is conically shaped to guide the ball into the seat to seal and stop reverse flow. Ball check valves are often preferred for use in pumping stations that are rarely attended since they demand only limited maintenance. Our ball check valves are self-cleaning, as the ball rotates during operation which eliminates the risk of impurities getting stuck on the ball. The standard ball is designed with an NBR rubber-lined metalcore, and the rubber hardness is optimized to prevent the ball from getting stuck in the seat. Full flow with low-pressure loss is ensured by a full and smooth bore and eliminates the risk of deposits at the bottom that could prevent tight closure. These valves have various applications like clean water, raw water, Sewage, Slurry, Wastewater, viscous liquids, etc. It is widely used in industries like - Fire fighting, Plumbing, Water distribution, Water/Sewage treatment, Irrigation/agriculture, Sewage plants, Steel mills, Power stations, Chemical/process industries, HVAC, Sugar/food industry, Breweries, Mining and many more.

Salient and unique features :

  • Self-cleaning feature due to construction design
  • Full and smooth bore ensures low head loss
  • Tightness at a minimum back pressure
  • Polyurethane balls available for abrasive media
  • Different ball weights available
  • In ductile iron or acid-resistant stainless steel


  • Small and simple design and hence Cheaper.
  • Minimal wear on moving parts
  • Light Weight

Material Specification

Body Ductile Iron /Cast Iron
Cover Ductile Iron /Cast Iron
Ball Aluminum with EPDM or Ductile Iron with EPDM
Internal, External Bolts, Nuts Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel
Sizes DN 40 – DN 600
Pressure Rating PN10/16/25
Hydraulic Test 1.1xPN for Seat & 1.5xPN for Body
Coating Nontoxic Epoxy Internally & Externally