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Black Barrier Board Flip-Top Document Case Archival & Library Solutions

Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the most trusted and sought after a supplier for various engineering and industrial products in the Middle East and GCC region. The construction specialties segment combines a wide range of products and services for many industrial and engineering segments such as construction, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. Our scope of supply includes architectural finishing products, flooring, products, seating solutions, and sports & leisure products. Our goal is to supply the people involved in the conservation field with specific, high-quality archival materials. Apart from offering you the solution, we also provide knowledge to the customer on how to use and handle the materials for the best upkeep of their books. We involve our skilled team for offering you the most appropriate archieval and library solutions in the field of conservation. Our newly introduced range of quality archieval & library products supplies will give you everything you need to keep your book collections well ordered and circulating in good condition. Our supplies include inexpensive labels, book supports, tape book covers, and repair materials. Dutco Tennant LLC has been the leading supplier of archival storage products for government, libraries, institutional archives, museums, historical societies, universities, colleges, galleries, and other collectors for many decades. We have an extremely experienced team of people who are dedicated to quality, customer care, and providing you the best solutions.

Paper holds some of our most treasured memories but yet it is fragile and susceptible to damage and deterioration. Paper can have various memoirs like childhood keepsakes, awards, newspaper clippings, graduation programs, military records, wedding invitations, career milestones, photos, artwork and much more. Your family history deserves the same level of protection used by the world's leading cultural institutions. Protect your memories from getting lost with these archival-quality document boxes from Gaylord Archival. Commercially available items sold as "acid-free" may actually begin to degrade within just a few years, but products that are truly archival quality can provide protection that lasts generations. The Gaylord Archival® Black Barrier Board Flip-Top Document Case provides safe storage for documents, pamphlets, and photos. Metal edges protect the integrity of the case and add support.

Extraordinary features :

  • Long-term storage for letters, documents, pamphlets, and photos
  • 60 pt. barrier board
  • The flip-top lid closes tightly to protect against dust, dirt, and light
  • Metal edges add strength and support

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