It has been announced by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that from January 1, 2021, they will mandatorily require dual view x-ray screening for all air cargo. Airlines and freight forwarders are needed by this mandate to do a necessary upgrade from existing single-view systems and purchase dual-view or multi-view systems for cargo screening. Due to this advancement, TSA aims towards ensuring that all domestic U.S. and international flights are completely safe for all the people in it from passengers, crew members, and the cargo.

This was originally cited in 2014 TSA as a 6-year notice for protecting the aviation industry and provides them with more effective screenings. Dual-view systems provide advanced technology and imaging capability which is much higher in comparison to a single view for detecting the threats in a much better way. The dual-view- systems of astrophysics have advanced capabilities and improved steel penetration. Operators get the capability of recognizing objects, isolate threats, and identity materials with a much higher speed and accuracy because of the amazing software. Astrophysics brings to you 8 different TSA-Qualified dual-view products. This ranges from checkpoint scanners like the XIS-6545DV, Hold Baggage scanners like the XIS-100XDV to robust heavy duty Cargo scanners, like the XIS-1818DV 200kV. Along with these, there is a high-powered XIS-1818DV 320kV, which has been designed for detecting threats in complex and dense cargo as it can penetrate around 80mm steels.

Here is a list of all the Astrophysics products line which all are compliant with the 2021 TSA mandate -

  • XIS-6545DV
  • XIS-6545DVS
  • XIS-7858DVS
  • XIS-100XDV
  • XIS-100XDX
  • XIS-1517DV 200kV
  • XIS-1818DV 200kV
  • XIS-1818DV 320kV

You can extend the lifespan of your machine by converting your single-view systems to a dual-view scanner and also reduce the overhead costs. By working with your existing machines, our service team will ensure that they are properly retrofit and meet all the regulatory guidelines. If you have any specific security needs, then you can also get them.

Business Communications LLC supplies to the Middle East the advanced range of Cargo Scanners & Detectors from the house of Astrophysics. Our supply line includes Checkpoint Scanners, Large Baggage Scanners, Cargo & Pallet Scanners, Mobile Screening, Vehicle Scanner-Car & Truck Scanners, Metal Detectors-Walk through & Hand-Held, and Explosive & Narcotics detectors. You can get the modern range of 2021 TSA mandate Scanners and Detectors from us. Contact us for more details.