Dutco Tennant LLC is the leading supplier of a qualified range of Balancing Valves in the Middle East. We are having an inclusive range of balancing valves that depend on the pressure ratings, size, operating temperature, and characteristics of the fluid. But you may have a question that what is a Balancing Valve? So, let us explain here –

Balancing Valves are used mainly in the central cooling and heating systems based on the flow of the water. Balancing a common technique that is used for preparing the systems to meet the requirements of the design. They help to overcome a wide range of system conditions where the size of the pipe and the configurations cannot set a system in balance. These valves use the latest flow technologies and they make sure that if the pressure within the system is unchanged then the flow rate of the system will be achieved every time. The design flow rate is determined by the velocity of the water flow remaining in the tube of the coils. The minimum flow is 1.5 ft/s (0.46 m/s) and the maximum flow is 12 ft/s (3.7 m/s).

How do they work?

Being a special function valve, the balancing valves have good flow characteristics. Apart from that the valve also has an opening index, pressure measuring valve for flow measurement, and opening locking device. With the use of a special smart instrument, the flow value which flows through the balance valve can be displayed directly by inputting opening value and the valve type according to the measured pressure difference signal. The flow rate of each user can reach the set value as long as the balance valve with appropriate specifications has been installed in each of the branches and the entrance of the user and has been debugged once. Static balancing valves are also known as balancing valves, digital locking balancing valves, manual balancing valves, double position regulating valves, and others. It is via changing the clearance between the seat and the spool for changing the resistance flow via the valve for achieving the purpose of regulating the flow. The goal of the action is to resist the system that can distribute the new water proportionately with the design calculation, decrease or increase the branches in proportion at the same time and still meet the demand of flow part of the load under the current climate requirements and play the role of the heat balance. The dynamic balancing valves have been divided into the dynamic flow balancing valves, self-operated differential pressure control valves, dynamic differential pressure balancing valves, and others.

The dynamic flow balance valve is also known as a self-operated flow control valve, constant flow valve, self-operated balance valve, automatic balance valve, and others. This type of valves can automatically change the drag coefficient according to the change of the working condition of the system. In a certain range of pressure difference, the flow-through can be effectively be controlled for maintaining a constant value which is when the pressure difference before and after the valve increases, the flow through the valve can be maintained by automatic closing.

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