Home Owners and Building Contractors have a huge confusion for the choice of Valves for their plumbing systems. The most point of confusion lies with bronze and Brass. These valves are very easily confused as they look the same, have similar-sounding names, and are used for the same type of application. But the fact is that despite sharing several positive qualities, these valves are not completely the same. There are more differences in them than you can think of, but not all of us know about them. Despite both the materials are alloys which incorporates a large amount of copper, they are dissimilar in price and properties.

What is Bronze?

Bronze was developed back in 3300 BC and was the first allow that was created by man and is one of the most common types of Valve Materials. It is considered as a close cousin of brass. It was developed by metalworkers by using tin and copper as a material that is both strong and malleable which means that it would not get easily cracked like iron. Bronze has not changed very much apart from the reduced amounts of lead and the occasional addition of aluminum, nickel, or manganese. Parts made out of this material can only be manufactured by casting the material into a mold or by matching a pre-cast bronze ingot. Bronze comes with a rough, porous exterior having small cavities on the surface. This is mainly because of the casting process. But however, bronze allows with select additives can hold a polish and are not that abrasive. They have several benefits like high ductility for which it resists cracking, can resist corrosion, and is very low in cost. There are several uses of bronze valves ranging from safety relief, shut off the flow, flow direction control, and others. Lead-free bronze valves for potable water are also available but they must meet Clean Water Act lead restrictions.

Pros of bronze Valves -

There are several advantages of Bronze Valves which are –

  • Cost-Effective
  • High ductility levels
  • Resistance to Corrosion

Cons of Bronze Valves -

Bronze valves also have several cons, which are –

  • High porosity
  • Rough surface
  • Lead content

Bronze Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves have been designed for reducing the incoming steam or water pressure into a safer constant predetermined downstream level. Depending on the valve type, the downstream pressure is established by setting of pressure adjustment on the valve or with the help of an external sensor. Pressure Reducing Valves are used mainly in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications.  We supply Bronze Pressure Reducing Valves which are manufactured under strong surveillance by the qualified professionals using optimum range of bronze that adheres with the preset international norms. The offered valve is highly suitable to ventilate exhaust gases in internal combustion engines. More importantly, the Bronze Pressure Reducing Valves are known widely for their rugged construction, low maintenance and accurate dimensions.

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