Grease Interceptors play an important part in our kitchen and home maintenance systems. We all need one as the grease can get solidified in the sewer pipes when it goes down the sink as waste and will eventually block them up. Major issues are caused by the oils and grease to our properties and it is left unchecked, problems for the environment will arise. When it is about oils, fats, and grease management, education plays an important role in ensuring that we are protecting our properties, environment, and infrastructure. Sanitary sewer overflows are not just expensive to stop and clean but can also offer a great deal of harm to the natural water systems and environment which are exposed to them.

A well-maintained grease interceptor guarantees that you are protected from most of the costly drainage overflows and drain blockages. These blockages can involve high repairing costs and can additionally generate disturbing odors which can be problematic. The bulk of food businesses mainly who are producing large quantities of food waste is required by rules to install a grease trap. And not having a grease trap can lead to you paying high charges for fixing sewerage systems installed on your properties. It is needed to understand the importance of the discharge of grease into the drainage pipe can cause blockages and can affect the execution of activities at sewage treatment plants. Several times, grease interceptors are mandatorily required if greases and fats are released into the drainage systems. It is possible to buy several products and enzymes for dissolving the grease down the sink but these are not a satisfactory alternative as grease will just reform further down the drainage system.

When you select an adequately sized grease interceptor, it will remove the correct volume of quality of waste discharge from your system. When you are constantly using deep fat fryers and similar appliances or follow processes that make sizeable amounts of animal or plant by-products, this gets build up. But a good grease interceptor can act as a separator for the fats and oils. Grease interceptors can also be installed downstream in the kitchen where wastewater can be cooled under 40°C. Solids in the system can rise up and can be collected from the system. The grease trap also acts for separating this from the wastewater by simple gravity and ensuring that the wastewater which leaves the sewer system is free of grease. Grease Interceptors are perfect for cut down on your grease production and deflect the costly maintenance of fines and sewers. With the use of common sense and good practices, you can reduce the accumulation of grease and decrease the costly clean up of major grease spills. Grease traps are not self-cleaning and they need cleaning that is a regular hygiene activity for many businesses anyway. With proper care, they will remove the grease build-ups from the kitchen systems. It is also important to initially recycle any large amount of oils and grease whenever possible.

No matter if you are considering a grease interceptor for domestic use, or starting a completely new restaurant, or just replacing the old appliances, one thing is important that a grease interceptor is needed for making your life easier. It is also a basic thing to have a grease interceptor for trapping the grease for easing out the maintenance of the pipes and it also required by the law for local businesses. Dutco Tennant LLC is here to offer you high-class grease interceptors for all your projects in the Middle East.