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Grease Interceptor Plumbing Products

Huge capital is invested by governments and building owners every year for fighting the issues of grease accumulation inside the plumbing systems. The accumulation of grease can create blockage in the sewer and other overflows. These can cause health risks for the people, the employees of industries and also the general public. We supply grease interceptors that are engineered with injection molding and offer the hotel and kitchen operators the best values and performance in the current market. Without any moving parts or heating elements, these units work on the principles of hydro-mechanical and are highly efficient. While installing on the floor, the grease interceptors need to have the cover fitted along with being filled up with water inside the inlet and outlet level. This makes sure that the tank does not move during backfilling, floor finishing and pouring. Care should be taken during backfilling for doing that evenly all around the unit and only with light manual pressure. For all types of models, there are extension sets along with flow control devices if you need the units to be recessed deeper for accommodating existing drainage types. There is provision for a concrete pit with a load-rated access cover which will be needed where pump trucks travel.

  • Epoxy coated inside and outside fabricated steel grease interceptor
  • Flow rating of 100 to 300 GPM
  • Grease capacity of 200 to 600 lbs
  • Unit includes removable baffles code approved deep seal trap
  • secured and gasketed non slipcover
  • NH (MJ) (standard) inlet and outlet and internal flow control