Access panels for anyone who has never used or have the experience of working with one, will not be able to understand the versatility in it's true form. The benefits which are offered by this amazing this will also be undefined in that case. For anyone who is looking to opt for an access panel for their next project, Access Panels and Doors have the benefits of access panels on which they are used and why they should use an access panel.

Access panels were originally invented for enhancing security. They were used in places for concealing and protecting from potential theft. But with time, they have evolved rapidly and become more than just about security. Now they have several other functions, they are used as a sound barrier, for creating access and in some cases, or allowing storage space.

Versatility of the Panels

With the evolution of time, access panels have gone a long way to evolve from a mere cloth to plastic, plaster, and metal. Like for instance, for creating easy access to wires, cables, and pipes, an insulated access panel can be installed. This not just creates access but the panel can also insulate from potential leaks or drafts.

Now that you are considering to work with access panels, where can you find them?

Roof Panels

In several industrial buildings, roof hatches can be seen. While looking at roof hatches, one should keep in mind about safety. One way of offering a safe method to access the roof hatch is by using a ladder.


By using access panels, you can enhance the accessibility depending on the type of the panel, and specifically if there is already a pre-existing ductwork. Improving industrial or commercial building requires professional installation. Mainly when an access panel is being installed in a ductwork, it is meant to increase the accessibility. In every case, it is not easy to create accessibility but with an access panel it is now made possible. Commonplace where you can find ductwork are in offices, or kitchen, and ductwork can also be found in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces too. Access panels are not just about concealing the access way, it creates accessibility to areas that are not always that easy to access. Access panels if left unaltered, can maintain the aesthetics. They are a great way for not just enhancing the potential roof, wall, or ceiling but are also designed to be very versatile. From plastic to-rated waterproof, from insulated to fireproof, access panels enhance space in usability and functionality.

For several areas of usage, you should consider using the right product for obtaining the maximum benefits.

Residential or Commercial Buildings

Some access panels have the same look just like they are describes and they serve their definition - a panel that gives access. But depending on the materials of the panel, they can be custom made to blend if not be a complete part of the floor, wall, or ceiling to which they are installed. In commercial and residential buildings, Drywall panels are ideal because they can be painted to blend in.

High heat exposures or Commercial Kitchens

Builders or contractors having industrial or commercial kitchens, rooms with heavy-duty high heat creating machinery, ideally use fire rated access panels. Based on building codes, fire ratings vary and the level of fire resistance is required. Some panels will also offer a coating that can make the panels extremely resistant to heat and ideal for kitchen while few will offer a mid-level insulation or layer that is good in rooms which store machinery or HVAC.

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