The process of designing a large office environment can be a very complex task and it all begins with flooring. Once you have opted for a carpet flooring and made your decision on either wall to wall, rugs or runners, carpet tiles or a combination of the both, let's help you to take a look at some factors which you need to take into account.

End-use and Life Expectancy

At first, you need to determine the desired carpet life for the project. In almost all instances, the longer the lease, the higher quality of the carpet is required. A commercial quality of rich quality typically has a lasting of 10-20 years. it will remain to look good throughout this period if it is specified correctly and regularly maintained. Then you need to determine the levels of use for each particular area of the project. You need to pay close attention to the foot traffic and the furniture movement mainly furniture on castors. Private conferences rooms and offices may only have low to moderate foot traffic, while common areas like corridors may receive heavy use.

First, check on-site samples

You should check for a carpet flooring supplier who offers you with samples and allows you to check them on your sites. In the intended space or under the same type of lighting which is used in the building, these can be viewed. This is because the look and colour tone of the chosen carpet can be drastically affected by different types of lighting.  When you are checking carpet samples on-site, you can experiment and mix-match with other types to get the design which you are looking for. Check that the sample is exactly of the same quality as it is specified for the final carpet because it will influence the feel and look.

Strain Resistance Test

Commercial carpets of high quality generally offer good stain resistance properties. But it's always a good idea for testing samples for how well the design or colour hides soiling and strains. This is mainly important for areas like cafeterias and corridors having heavy foot traffic. You need to be aware that most of the samples are mainly made for colour check and design and may not have the anti-soil treatment which will come with the final carpet. The optimum choices are colour values which fall into the medium range, it must not be very dark so they show up light strains and again not very light so that dark stains can show up. Little contrast to any accumulated soil are offered by the medium range and they perform greatly for concealing daily soil build-up and stains. You should also test if conventional stains like spilt coffee etc are easy to remove. If spills and soils are particularly a big issue, and you are keen on keeping a spotless carpet, consider carpet tiles. They are easier to replace than pieces of a wall to wall carpet.

Choose the perfect carpet backing

Cushion backing increases the underfoot comfort which alleviates back pain from standing, also it absorbs the impact of foot traffic and allows the fibres to look better and last longer. For acoustics, backing also plays a key role because of which some manufacturers offer specially designed carpet backings which are optimized for acoustic dampening. The mood of certain areas are also set by backing and you can even consider adding details as you want them.

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