The industry refers to a wide range of metal products by the term ‘grating’. Each of the types comes with its own set of unique properties that makes it more or less ideal for a particular application. Like for instance, steel drains are more likely to use bar grating while walkways mainly require a safer form of expanded grating or grip strut. Metal grating as a complete product without any regard to the individual application makes way for ventilation, proper drainage, and safety measures across several industries. But metal grating can be used in several areas. Dutco Tennant LLC explains about those in this blog.

Sump Covers

A sump is generally a pit or container where liquid like water or chemicals is collected. Steel bar grating is an excellent solution for sump covers because of the load tolerances and open design which makes way for proper drainage and prevents larger objects from entering the sump. In most of the applications, a trench will drain into a sump area which allows the sump pump to push or pump the water away and prevent the flooding of a particular area. The grating is cut into size and fabricated based on engineered specifications which will cover the sump. The sump cover can be fabricated and engineered for withstanding either pedestrian traffic or heavy-duty vehicles.

Catwalk Floors

An elevated pedestrian walkway which offers access to work environments without obstructing operation on the floor is known as an industrial catwalk. With catwalks, plain/smooth or serrated surfaces are both common. The open design makes way for ventilation and/or fire regulations. Catwalks that are fabricated with bar grating makes way for long-lasting durability and efficiency. They are free of any maintenance and are therefore very cost-efficient.

Mezzanine Floors

An intermediate floor known as Mezzanine Floors is often found in high-ceilinged buildings like distribution centers, warehouses or manufacturing facilities. The open design bar grating is ideal for high-ceilinged buildings because it makes way for light, ventilation, and sprinkler penetration. They are highly cost-effective and completely free of any maintenance. Typical bar grating used for mezzanines is 19w4, 1” x 3/16” and 19w4, 1 1/4” x 3/16” steel bar grating. With mezzanines, serrated or plain surfaces are both common.


A platform for loading heavy cargo into elevated platforms and trucks are offered by loading ramps. It is not uncommon for forklift operators to load products into barges, trucks, and varied depositories which drive directly on top of the loading ramps. These loading ramps are either mobile and stationary and have the bearing bears which are aligned with the direction of the traffic offering superior strength while the serrated bar grating offers traction. The open space in the grating limits the accumulation of snow, water, crude oil, debris, or other obstructions which may otherwise impact the smooth operation of loading ramps. The grating is extremely versatile and can be used for a varied range of applications and compatibility of vehicles.


In freight cars, locomotives or railcars, they are often equipped with a bar grating which is used for running boards, brake steps, platforms, and walkways. This special made wise mesh serrated bar grating makes way for an increased grip, which reduces the risk of falling. We supply railroad grating which is approved by the local authority standards.

Trench Drains

A trench drain, which is also known as a channel drain, is a floor drain that contains a trough or channel-shaped body and can be interior or exterior. Narrower than it is long, trench drains are used for the rapid evacuation of surface water or containment of utility lines and chemical spills. A trench gate consisting of bar grating is often placed on top of the drain system in order to create a stable walking surface that enables continuous gas or water evacuation.

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