For regulating and stopping the water’s flow, each valve type comes with its own sets of cons and pros along with an application bundle that is highly suited. In a residential plumbing system, most of the plumbing valves are said to be part of a water supply system are always used for controlling the flow of the pressurized water ranging from a private well to a water utility. The valve based on the design, maybe well suited for ON-OFF control of the flow of water or can also be designed without adjusting the water flow volume.

In different options of materials like brass, PVC, plastic, and bronze these valves can be found. Be sure to select the most suitable type of pipe that is used in plumbing systems.

Gate Valve

Among the most common types of used valves in used for the plumbing, Gate Valves are on the top. They can control the flow of water by lowering or raising an inside gate with the use of a handle or twist-type knob that is located on the valve’s top. For controlling the flow volume, the plumbing gate valves should never be used as they are mainly designed to be entirely closed or open. The valves can get wear out if they are used for adjusting the flow of water. To close the supply of water, Gate Valves are extremely reliable. They are predominantly used as shutoff valves on the branch and main of the water supply line.

Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valves have a physical resemblance to the ball valves as they are having a lever-type handle that opens or closes the valve. The design on the inside uses a metallic disc which regulates the water flow by rotating. The water flow gets reduced by a few levels even when the valve is entirely open as the water flows around the disc that is at the valve’s center. Plumbing butterfly valves can adjust the flow volume with precision as compared to a ball valve that is used as an ON-OFF valve. These types of valves are used primarily in industrial applications and generally are not used in residential plumbing.

Ball Valve

The most reliable type of valve, the ball valves is commonly used for shutting the main water line and also for the branch lines. The plumbing ball valves, just like the gate valves have been designed as an all in one valve as they must be completely open to making way for the flow fully closed for stopping any type of flow of water. These valves are having a ball in the middle that is connected with a lever-type of the outer handle. The handle, when parallel to the supply of water, the valve gets open. They work as a useful handy visual aid so users at a glance can know if the water is OFF or ON.

Check Valve

The plumbing check valves are specially designed valves that are used for keeping the water flowing in a single direction and stopping the flow in the opposite direction. Most types are not in operation and so they do not have any type of control handles. A general and basic example of Check Valves is a back-flow presenter which can be found in the faucets of the outdoor area. Various types of internal mechanisms like diaphragm check design and include ball check designs are used by the check valves.

Pressure-Reducing Valve

For reducing the entire pressure of water inside a plumbing system for the accepted or desired limit, pressure reducing valves are used. They are having a diaphragm and spring which is adjusted up to a specific limit that depends on the water supply’s pressure. These valves are not generally used for closing or opening the flow of water but for throttling it to decrease the entire pressure of water. In residential units where there is relatively use of the municipal water supply’s high-pressure water from  in which the pressure can be dangerous for damaging the appliances and house plumbing systems, pressure-reducing valves are used.

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