Duckbill Check valves are a highly reliable and cost-efficient method for controlling back pressures in sewage treatment plants. These valves are considered to be completely passive flow devices that need absolutely zero maintenance, no source of power, or manual operation assistance and are an amazing alternative for conventional flap gate valve and other types of check valves. These valves are closed normally but can open with very minimum head pressure with always offering maximum flow with a reduced pressure drop across the entire valve. Typically flap gate valves and other check valves are mainly mechanical and have metal components that are commonly known for rust, seize, and malfunction. They have two variants which are Rubber Duckbill Check Valves and Inline Rubber Check Valves. Large obstruction will be handled by Rubber Duckbill Check Valves without getting jammed or binding and guarantees trouble-free backflow prevention and can also seal around trapped or suspended solids with very low backpressure. The best of the engineering elastomers is used and the outer layers have been designed for repelling marine organisms.

Duckbill valves are considered to be unique, single piece, elastomeric components that can work as backflow prevention devices or single way valves or check valves. They comprise elastomeric lips having the shape of a duckbill which can allow forward flow by preventing backflow. The main point of advantage for duckbill valves over other types of single way valves is that all these valves are completely self-contained and means that the sealing functionality is an integral part of the one-piece elastomeric component compared to valves where a sealing element needs to engage with a smooth seat surface for forming a seal. So, for this, the duckbill valves are seamlessly incorporated and assembled into a varied range of devices without the hassle or problems which are associated with the surface finish quality of mating seats and complex assembly processes. Apart from this, there are other common applications for Duckbill Check Valves, like stormwater outfall, effluent discharge, flood control, wet wells. Duckbill Check Valves flexible sleeve design made of quality fabric-reinforced elastomer materials for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear caused by continuous operation with abrasive slurries, sludge, or effluent. A maximum flow with minimum pressure drops across the valve at all times is provided by the flexible sleeve. Duckbill check valves have been in use for over 100 years and are commonly considered for use in waste and stormwater or sewer piping systems. The design is simple, having one-piece of “duckbill” sleeve takes out the moving components and intrusive bloody structures which can create problems with conventional check valve designs. There are no mechanical parts present that can corrode, freeze, or bind, or otherwise inhibit smooth operation. Compared to conventional flap gate valves and check valves, these Duckbill Valves will not need regular maintenance for replacing hinge pins, worn seals, flappers, or balls.

The operating principle is also simple. The upstream pressure in the valve can force the lips or the “duckbill” part for permitting flow. As the pressures or the flow increases, the lips will open further and allow in more flow. This feature can allow solids to pass unhindered with low-pressure loss. Whenever there will be a reverse flow or backpressure, the lips will squeeze tightly together and prevent backflow. Even with some wear, the duckbill check sleeve will function including sealing around the entrapped solids.

Application Areas –

  • Sewage slurries
  • Outfalls to ocean fronts from heavy rainfall activity
  • Land erosion due to backflow conditions
  • Invasion of saltwater to a freshwater pond

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