The big show at California, USA is over but the enthusiasm is yet to settle down. Irrigation Show and Education Conference is USA’s premium event which was held from December 3 to 7, 2018 at Long Beach, California, USA. This industry conference sees a series of events with participation from major manufacturers and vendors in the world who collaborate for powering growth.

The five-day program gives you ample time to meet the world’s leading Irrigation and Landscape products manufacturers and unprecedented access to major events providing the insights on how you can build strategies to develop your business. Participants provide knowledge on the latest products and technology in this industry segment, and they get professional development opportunities by using event data to drive sales and marketing plan to power growth for their business.

Dutco Tennant LLC took part in this exhibition to bring the latest technology in Irrigation and Landscape segment to the Middle East and GCC market. Irrigation Show 2018 provided a big platform to meet new clients, grow our business, access the latest, advanced solutions, and reach out to probable customers, advisors and contractors. This show has everything you look for in a big exhibition.

Mr Wadekar from Dutco Tennant LLC visited the Irrigation show 2018 that gifted us a complete package of education material, access to the most recent products and technologies, valuable programs, events and packages created to better your irrigation practices.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Irrigation and Landscape products and equipment provider in the Middle East and GCC region. Our current marketing activities cover the entire GCC with an active expansion program in the Middle East. We serve various industry segments which include Irrigation and Landscaping in which scope of work is focused on supplying products and equipment for landscape and agricultural irrigation business, and providing pipes and fittings for such needs around the region. In Irrigation and Landscaping, we provide different types of valves, HDPE FittingsDrippersDI Pipes and FittingsIrrigation productsSolenoid valvesPipeline Accessories, and Sprinklers.

For the last four decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been providing the best quality Irrigation and Landscaping products and equipment to serve different countries such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. Oman, Qatar and others. Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers and professionals with vast experience and in-depth realistic knowledge of the irrigation requirements and business processes.

Dutco Tennant LLC combines products of major global manufacturers who represent a top irrigation brand. Our global reach along with a network of consultants and contractors makes us a complete Irrigation & Landscaping solution provider, and our products range from the most sophisticated irrigation control systems to other efficient products such as Valves, Filters, Drippers, Sprinklers, Sprayers and other Irrigation equipment and accessories.