A fire safety and property protection system for buildings requires knowledge and understanding of hazards to decrease the potential fire occurrence and its risk to life and property during a fire. When a fire breaks out, injury and death may occur due to asphyxiation from poisons fume and smoke burns from direct exposure to the fire, heart attacks because of stress and exertion, the impact resulted from structural collapse, explosions, and falls. Not only does the life safety and property protection influenced by the design of the structure and its fire protection measure but also, they affected by construction material quality, maintenance, and building content.

Fires affect thousands of facilities each year resulting in injury and building damage. Fire is a serious threat to the safety and security of any building. The primary goal of fire safety efforts should be to prevent loss of life and property damage by installing & maintaining fire safety equipment. The infographic presents information on various types of fire safety equipment that can be used by buildings for fire protection and preventing fire damage.

The balanced design depends on three complementary systems to decrease the danger of death and risk to the property as a consequent of fire. The three systems are a detection system to warn occupants of fire, a contaminant system to limit or restrict the extent of the fire, and an automatic suppression system to control the fire until it can be extinguished. These systems of the balanced design complement each other by adding fire resistance feature which is not offered by other components. Moreover, some balanced design component features are redundant which mean if a certain part is failed the other part will offer fire safety.

Fire safety arrangements have become the basic necessity for offices, schools, multi-story buildings, and shopping complex. Installing fire alarms and proper evacuation signage is just the first step of minimizing fire damage. Buildings need to install fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fog nozzle, hydrants, firewater storage tank and other fire protection products to help surpass fire hazards. Investing in fire safety equipment installation and regular maintenance is an easy way to prevent building fires.

Along with this, to apply an excellent physical balanced design for fire safety, a perfect education and training program needs to be integrated with fire safety plan.

Fire Safety and Property Protection Systems for Buildings -

  • Automatic detection
  • Automatic suppression
  • Compartmentation
  • Property protection
  • State of the art in designing for fire safety

See the below infographic to understand how this fire protection equipment works.